The first step was to choose a gym!! I Made sure I went to a gym near my house so I had no reason not to go as had to pass it on the way home. You know the feeling, had it been far away once I’d finished work There would have been no chance of me going with all the best intentions in the world.

I chose a 24/7 gym so I could go around my work and social schedule. In the beginning I was led to believe that cardio was the only way to work out in order to achieve what I wanted (like a lot of girls I know).

I cut my calorie intake to 1200 per day, with one cheat meal per week plus embarked on a weight training/cardio programme. Initially I was nervous about using weights as it meant I had to go near the big, sweaty, grunting guys in the gym. However like everything in life the thought is much scarier than the doing.

Now i’m cooking with gas!!!!…….

Squats are my new best friend

Squats are my new best friend

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