Most people think of their core as just their abs. Actually it goes much deeper than that. Like strong foundations of your house you want your core to be just as dependable.

When your trainer asks you to engage your core, were you aware that part of that process, as well as other muscles, involves:






The main function of your core is to stabilise, protect your back and surrounding areas from injury.

GLUTES!!! These muscle are often forgotten about when talking about the core. For you to be able to perform and function properly we have to make sure these muscles activate and do the job they are supposed to do.

Glutes= in basic terms the butt muscles. Glute Max, Glute Med and Glute Min.

With more people complaining about back pain we can’t help but question the quality of their exercise or if they exercise at all. Traditionally core workouts tend to focus on the trunk muscles. However don’t neglect the Glutes as they are so important for good core stability and injury prevention to the lower back.

A strong core will help maximise force in dynamic movements also. Movements such as running, Olympic lifts and every day tasks to name a few. No matter your activity levels, fitness or sports goals, a vital part of being successful is a well conditioned core.