Emma’s story entry 2

The first step was to choose a gym!! I Made sure I went to a gym near my house so I had no reason not to go as had to pass it on the way home. You know the feeling, had it been far away once I’d finished work There would have been no chance of me going with all the best intentions in the world.

I chose a 24/7 gym so I could go around my work and social schedule. In the beginning I was led to believe that cardio was the only way to work out in order to achieve what I wanted (like a lot of girls I know).

I cut my calorie intake to 1200 per day, with one cheat meal per week plus embarked on a weight training/cardio programme. Initially I was nervous about using weights as it meant I had to go near the big, sweaty, grunting guys in the gym. However like everything in life the thought is much scarier than the doing.

Now i’m cooking with gas!!!!…….

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Emma’s story- first entry

Seven years ago during a turbulent relationship I had started to gain weight, I had ballooned from a size 8 to a to a curvy size 16! After the relationship came to an end I managed to drop four stone due to the lighter life and the diet that all women go through at some stage, the heartbreak diet. This is when I proceeded to numb my feelings with excessive partying and drinking. Although you try to control your feelings, my emotions would get the better of me so I decided to up sticks and move abroad to escape. I worked as a rep in a lovely warm climate however due to long hours, being away from the family and my crazy work schedule it all managed to take it’s toll on my eating and drinking habits Pizza, KFC, Alcohol you name it. I didn’t care what I was putting inside my body or the effects it was having on my health and appearance.

Fast forward and I had decided to return to England after two years away! I’d been back four months and it was on Christmas eve 2012 I had my epiphany, light bulb, moment of clarity or whatever you want to call it. I was attempting to put my shoes on and realised much to my dismay that this was now impossible due to my protruding middle and the fact that I was breathless just trying to tie my shoes!!! Come January I decided to make a change, to stop being scared of the gym and make an effort to go and drastically change my eating habits.

Over the next few months I witnessed some remarkable changes….

Here’s my story Emma Cate […]

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Supertraineruk has finally landed in Hilden Park. We would like to welcome senior trainer Richard Cooper, and alternative therapist Dawn Honeywood to the team.

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