Summer 2013 had hit & I was ready to show off my new size 12 body….. I was looking forward to wearing the new clothes I had to buy. At first I was showered with compliments and continuously asked what diet I was following or what pills I was taking weight watchers, slimming world, Jenny Craig or lighter life. Although I had tried most of these fad diets in the past, I had always lost weight then gained it back PLUS MORE!!!

People just didn’t understand that I controlled what I ate & followed a workout plan. Some people didn’t believe me, some doubted me & even thought I had an eating disorder. Comments like “you don’t want to loose anymore you’ll look awful” & “men only like women with curves” I was left feeling sad rather than proud.

Those negative comments did something to me, I felt miserable but I chose to ignore them & continue on my journey….. I knew what weight and size I wanted to be and I wanted it more than anything. I told myself that I could do it and I used my emotion in the gym and I pushed myself further and harder than I ever had.

Nothing was gonna stop me!!IMG_1156