As Christmas approached & things with me and Leon were going well I was determined not to get lazy with my diet and my gym regime. I was now at my weight goal of 126lbs! I had lost 5 stone 3lbs in 12 months & the last thing I wanted to become was ‘fat in love’ and have all my hard work go to waste.

Over Christmas I chose to enjoy the holidays and still ate a lovely big dinner and munched on festive treats with my family. I had a brilliant time enjoying my slightly more relaxed diet although I did still work out and made sure I stuck to smaller portions & only had three meals per day without snaking on poor choices unlike previous years.

I spent a week in London with Leon, heading up to new year my weight had stayed the same over Christmas. I guess I was starting to understand my body what works for me and what doesn’t. New years eve was here & we went out to a lovely Thai restaurant, we discussed our 2014 plans and decided together that we would stop drinking any alcohol from that moment onwards.(Apart from a sip of wine on Valentines day but that was allowed)

It was around this time I felt the need to share with Leon something personal, something I had come to hate about myself. I had only ever shared how I felt about this with my mum because it got me so down. With loosing the weight and my body fat percentage dropping I went from a 38E bra size to a 32B…. I didn’t even let Leon see them properly. I would often wear 2 bras, chicken fillets and push up bras to big for me just to give me the shape I once had.

With his and my family support I decided to book in for a consultation to discuss my options….